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 History of George G. Sharp, Inc.



Founded by George G. Sharp, Chief Surveyor of the American Bureau of Shipping


SS Bear Mountain - River excursion side wheeler

  State of Delaware & State of Pennsylvania - Delaware River excursion vessels for Wilson Lines

For more on these vessels click here

  SS Excalibur - One of the "Four Aces" built for American Export Lines
1930's Prototype Hulls C2 & C3 - Designed for the Maritime Commission under the Merchant Marine Act of 1936
  SS Sandy Hook - Day steamer for the Central Railroad of New Jersey
1939 SS Panama, SS Ancon & SS Cristobal - First "fireproof" ships, the "World of Tomorrow" ships, built for the Panama Railroad Steamship Line were the first ships to meet the USCG rules for fireproof construction.

"Now and then, some outstanding accomplishment is developed so far ahead of its predecessors as to be instantly identified as the beginning of a new era.  In designing the PANAMA and her sister ships, George G. Sharp had accomplished just this result."

Marine Engineering, May 1939

1940 SS Milwaukee Clipper - Great Lakes ferry for service between Milwaukee and Muskegon
WW II Victory Ship - Designed for the US Maritime Commission to supplement and replace the Liberty Ship. 534 Victory Ships were built.
  Escort Aircraft Carrier (CVE) - CVE-55 Casablanca Class ships designed under the Maritime Commission's program for the U.S. Navy.  50 ships were built by Kaiser-Vancouver from July 8, 1943 to July 8, 1944.
  Bannock Class Fleet Ocean Tug (ATF-81) - Class of ten vessels for the U.S. Navy
  Klondike Class Destroyer Tender (AD-22) - Class of four C3 hull vessels for the U.S. Navy
  Owasco Class Cutter (WPG/WHEC) - 13 255 foot high endurance cutters for the U.S. Coast Guard.  Most vessels were completed and commissioned post war.
Post War Passenger/Cargo Liners for American President Lines - Three ships completed as troop transports in the early 1950's for the Military Sea Transportation Service
  Conversion of Victory Ship and CVE hulls to peacetime use.

Right: Alcoa Cavalier, a
converted Victory Ship

  Various new designs for passenger/cargo vessels, Great Lakes and river ferry and excursion vessels
1950's USS Rigel (AF-58) - Class of two refrigerated stores ships for the U.S. Navy
1951 MV Carport - First integrated Tugbarge built for Cargill, Inc.
1957 SS Gateway City - First Cellular Containership converted for Pan-Atlantic Steamship Company
1958 USNS Comet - First Roll-On/Roll-Off Vehicle Carrier built for the Military Sea Transportation Service
1960's USS Wichita (AOR 1) - Class of seven replenishment oilers for the U.S. Navy
1960 MV New Yorker - First Roll-On/Roll-Off Containership built for Containerships, Inc.
1962 NS Savannah - First nuclear powered merchant ship built for the Maritime Administration and the Atomic Energy Commission.  Designated an ASME Historical Mechanical Engineering Landmark.
1970's USS Virginia (CGN 38) - Class of four nuclear powered guided missile cruisers for the U.S. Navy
  Andrew J. Barberi - Class of two ferries for Staten Island service for the city of New York
1977 Austral Entente - Largest to date U.S. flag deep freeze containership converted for Farrell Lines
1980's & 90's Alice Austen - Class of two ferries for Staten Island service for the city of New York
  Combat Logistics Force - Kilauea Class AE's converted for civilian manning for the Military Sealift Command
1999 National Maritime Hall of Fame - George G. Sharp inducted into the National Maritime Hall of Fame for outstanding contributions to the maritime industry.  The hall is housed at the American Merchant Marine Museum at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York.
2000 Fire Boats - For the cities of New York and Boston Click for larger image
2003 New Staten Island Ferry - The new Kennedy Class of three vessels for Staten Island service for the city of New YorkThe first of three Sharp-designed ferries is christened and launched in Marinette, Wisconsin. Click here for details.
2010 Double-hull Fuel Barge - Sharp designs a double-hull fuel barge for NYCDOT. The barge will fuel the Staten Island Ferries.